Blog Week 1: Command Attention

Week 1:

   It's been many months of stress, work, and worry building a brand. Especially one that expresses something we all want- Success and control over how we achieve it.

   This brands goal is to inspire the pursuit in your dreams, through design. People who wear this brand KNOW what their worth. They know their PASSION and get up every day wanting to be a success story.  We want to inspire ACTION to take control of your legacy, pursue your dreams what ever they are. 

   Follow your passion no matter what people say. Do things the way you feel it should be done. Stay ethically sound and no matter how rough the path, learn and adapt. Stay mentally tough, to the questions and judgement. People will respond positively. Success will come to those that show true passion and character. Believe in yourself even before results show, and even if they are less than favorable.  

Tip 1: Don't expect ANYONE to believe in your ability, passion, or idea more than you until you show positive feedback. This is called the grind. Grind to Greatness! 

We opened June 11, something I like to call the "starting line".  Months and months of work have went into preparing for the starting line.  We are off and running with our heads high.  As any athlete knows preparation is key.  Success loves preparation and success loves experience too.

Sometimes you have to try something outside of what you are ready for, to learn the rules.  Then you can go to work. Reign Over Your Legacy    

Grind to Greatness. 




    Best hat I have every worn for the price.

  • Duane Hackler

    Go and Win, WIn and Win again , $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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